Field Studies Ireland

Empowering access to Outdoor Education across this beautiful island

We are a social enterprise on a mission
to provide access to Outdoor Education
across the island of ireland

Mark O’Connor – Founder Field Studies Ireland

What we do

Schools, Colleges & Further Education

Place-Based Learning

Field Studies Ireland specialises in curriculum focused outdoor teaching through place-based education, in a range of outdoor environments, including: Rivers, Coastal, Woodland

Outdoor Skills & Training

Connecting People With The Outdoors

Field Studies Ireland offers a range of programmes and courses for all abilities, both professionally and recreationally. 

Consultancy & Professional Services

Empowering You To Think Outside

Field Studies Ireland empowers businesses, education institutes, charities, youth organisations etc. to use outdoors spaces for education, recreation and health. 

Open courses 2024

bELOW ARE OUR 2024 events, which are designed to support those who wish to engage in training individually or in small groups. Please note that we regularly facilitate all these courses (and more) for specific groups and organisations across the island of ireland.

please get in touch if you wish to find out more about these.

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